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One member tells their story.
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My Story

I have decided to share my story because I think it adds another dimension for members to consider.

After joining TCI in late 2000, and after receiving a few months of TCI statements showing strong monthly growth, I made what in hindsight has proven to be a bad decision. I decided to talk to Bill Rath about investing a large chunk of money in another place, my form of diversification. We were brought together by his son Kevin Rath, and met at Kevinís home. Bill told us about a new deal that he was involved in with a company in Hamilton named IIG. International Investment Group. He took me to their offices to meet them and signed as a witness on some of the paperwork. We gave money directly to Bill for this investment. The principal in that group was Stephen Hawkins, and Lars Soderstrom was the CFO with profit sharing benefits.( A few months later I was introduced to Tony McCreath who had come on board and who became my contact at IIG for updates.) Bill took me to Hamilton to introduce me directly to these IIG folks, and I entered into an investment that was to start within two weeks. That was almost 4 years ago, and I have yet to receive any principal or interest from IIG. Kevin Rath received a finderís fee for my investment, but heís the only one that I know that has benefited.

My point in telling you this story is that I believe that Bill and one of the men from IIG, Tony McCreath, have branched off into launching their own investment in an arena that requires 100 to 500 million dollars and up to participate. I believe that TCIĒs money is at least partially, perhaps totally, behind this big deal because I have been told by someone who flies over to meet with Tony that Bill will receive profits from that investment to pay to TCI members. I have also been told that both my IIG investment and TCI investments would begin paying out around the same time. Tony used to talk to Bill everyday. They shared matching satellite phones to conduct business in encrypted privacy, but they have never confirmed to me that the big deal has started in the past three years.

Now, I would not be surprised if this investment and investment group is the same one that TCI referred to in their April newsletter. There have been many parallels in the information Iíve received from TCI and the IIG deal, as recently as the two dates in April 2005, the 8th and 11th that were quoted as important dates. They want this deal badly and are probably set to make huge amounts of money from it, but there has been no proof over the past three years that they are able to operate in this investment arena. Is this our money? It only makes sense that if Bill is being promised profits for TCI payments, there must be a connection. Why else would Bill be involved, and how else could they come up with such a big chunk of money to invest?

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